We have extensive experience with metals, plastics, composites, silicone molding, glass, woods, and other materials. We understand and have experience with machining, rapid prototyping, injection molding, vacuum molding, forming and assemblies of all types. Some of the resources we can offer are:

Consultation & Project Management

 The Inventors Light House has been through the invention process many times and understands the work involved and the emotional connection inventors have with their idea.

  Preliminary patent searches are one of the first steps in which we have experience and can offer assistance. It is essential to know if your idea is unique. It is also true that some ideas are not patentable or a patent may not be needed.

                    You need to know!




  • Preliminary Patent Search

  • Product and Industrial design

  • Mechanical and Ergonomic Engineering

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • CAD Drawings

  • Patent Drawings

  • Presentation Product Renderings

  • Product Animations

  • 3D Printing




  It has been estimated that a working prototype increases the chance of success of selling or licensing your idea by 5 times. Many times this is also the only way to fully evaluate the physical product and start the design evolution (which ALL products go through) before reaching the market. We can help with...


  • Product Models

  • Prototypes

  • Component & Assemblies

  • Manufacturing

  • Testing

  • Tooling and Processing Equipment 


  The Inventors Lighthouse was formed to assist inventors, entrepreneurs and problem solvers in the often confusing process of taking a new idea or a product improvement through the design and development stages in order to have a viable and successful product.

  Whether the goal is manufacturing or licensing we have extensive experience with the design evolution. We can assist with taking an idea through the creation process. We have knowledge of 3Dprinting, machining, rapid prototyping, injection molding, vacuum forming and assemblies of all types. Some of the resources we can offer are:


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